notes on Linux

Pacman Commands

Just wanted to have this around. No further explanation needed I guess.

Command What it does
pacman -Syu— Performs a complete system-upgrade
pacman -S [packet1] [packet2]   Install or upgrade one ore more packets
pacman -Sy Update local database
pacman -Syuu Downgrade all installed packages (from testing to core)
pacman -Su Upgrade all installed packages
pacman -Syy Rebuild local database and update it
pacman -Q Lists all installed packages including version number
pacman -Ss [packet] Searches for packages that can be installed
part of package-name suffices
pacman -Sg Searches for packet-groups that can be installed
pacman -Sg [packet group] Prints out content of a packet-group
pacman -Qs [packet] Searches for already installed packets
pacman -R [packet] Removes packet
pacman -Rd [packet] Removes packet, regardless of any dependencies,
pacman -Rdd [packet] Similar to above
all dependencies verifications are disabled
pacman -Rs [packet] Removes packet with all its dependencies
but only if they are not needed by other programs
pacman -Rss [packet] Remove packet with all its dependencies
and the dependencies of the dependencies
pacman -D [packet] Change status of a program, without re-installing it
pacman -Qi [packet] Show info about installed packet
pacman -Si [packet] Show info on not (yet) installed packet
pacman -Sw [packet] Download packet without installing it
pacman -S testing/[packet] Install packet from specific repo (here: testing)
pacman -U [packet-file] Install local packet
pacman -Runs [packet] Removes packet inclusively all its dependencies
pacman -Qdt Lists packets which are installed as dependencies
but are no longer required
pacman -Qet Lists packets which are explicitly installed
but are not needed by other programs
pacman -Scc Empties local pacman cache (/var/cache/pacman/pkg)
pacman -Sc Deletes packets which are not installed any more
and unused repositories from cache
pacman -Ql [packet] Lists all files of a installed packet
pacman -Qm Lists packets which are not in any repo
pacman -Qo [file] Prints packet-name this file is part of
pacman -Qu Prints out for which installed programs updates are available
pacman-optimize Optimize pacman

Have fun!