notes on Linux

Arch Based Distributions

A month or so ago someone posted a compilation of all Arch Linux based distributions he knew. I was amazed how many in fact exist. Naturally I copied the list. Today I sadly realized that the mentioned blog is down and swiftly decided to re-post the list on my own blog. So there’s no credit for me in this. I only added one distro.

The list was posted on http://archblog.de/arch-basierte-distributionen/. Could be there were some name conflicts. Anyway thanks unknown blogger for your work!

Here are the distros:

ArchBang (With Openbox)
Arch Hurd (Alternative Kernel)
Arch Linux ARM (For ARM processors)
Arch Linux PPC (PowerPC port)
ArchPwn (For pentesting purposes)
ArchServer (Better tested packages)
Archboot (My guess is it’s a recovery system)
Archlive (Live system)
CDN Linux (For routers and servers)
Cinnarch (With Cinnamon)
ConnochaetOS (For old computers)
CTKArch (With Openbox)
DidJiX (Digital DJ software)
KahelOS (Gnome Shell)
LinHES (Home Theater - Myth TV)
Liqid Lemur (With Xfce)
live.linuX-gamers.net (Includes a lot of games)
Manjaro (With Xfce, Gnome, KDE)
Mesk (Can’t figure it out)
Nosonja (With Xfce)
Pantheon (Site was down)
Parabola/Linux-libre (No proprietary software)
poliarch (System administration, maintenance and recovery)

Unfortunately deprecated:
Elegance (With Openbox)

That makes 23 + 1! Nice!

Have fun!