notes on Linux

My Old Posts

They can be found here.

There’s some information on Linux specific topics and some links to interesting farming / farmers’ market projects.

I only abandoned it because of the layout I didn’t like any more. And because I thought good old fashioned HTML isn’t good enough any more. Though after experimenting with Wordpress I figured I don’t need no databases either to manage my homepage. It seemed a bit clumsy too. Logging in, writing, doing the editing in my browser. I know I could have done it in an editor on my computer an then copy and paste it but still I wasn’t satisfied.

Then I discovered Octopress. I was looking for a nice theme for Wordpress when I realized that the theme I was looking at was not applied on Wordpress but on Octopress. (The standard theme by the way which is just awesome!)

Not only has it a very nice theme but the way you write and deploy your posts is just perfect. Namely the posts are written with a text-editor of your choice, then saved and simply rsync-ed to your blog. Isn’t that elegant?

Here’s all you need to know - it applies to every distro:
Octopress Setup

It worked on my Arch box without a hitch. Though I had to read the Arch wiki for some information on RVM.

To sum it up: Very nice indeed!

Have fun!